July 21, 2024

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There is all the difference in the world between earning a lot of money and being wealthy. Lots of people have a big income but never seem to have two pennies to rub together. So many people – and businesses -see lots of cash coming in every week or month but cannot put together the necessary money to buy a car without finance and put down the deposit on a home. Let alone to buy either the car or the property outright, taxes paid. And Ibiza escorts are just the same. Contrary to popular opinion, women who choose to be escorts are no worse at managing their money than the average worker or even than the average senior executive. Back when I was in the corporate world I knew lots of people with really serious jobs that earned six figure salaries plus bonuses. But if they had no stock options they had no wealth. And despite their big salaries they always had too much month at the end of the money.

So how do you become wealthy as a professional escort girl? I mean being financially independent and able to walk away with your money at a moments notice, and with the tax man taken care of. Let me leave aside the earning part. If you have not worked out how to become a popular Ibiza escort and get lots of long bookings at good rates, then read this article once you have sorted that out. 

The main rule is the oldest in the book (literally in The Book). Spend less than you earn. Be disciplined and set a budget that you thin stick to. It is tempting to blow it all on shoes, handbags, dresses, hairdressers and the like and call that investing in your future. It is not. It is spending. My suggestion is that you split every euro you earn something like this:

Put 25% away for your taxes

10% goes on the tools of your trade – shoes, handbags, gym membership…

10% goes on whatever you want – books, meals, travelling

10% goes into short term savings – a piggy ban or rainy day fund

10% goes into long term savings that you can then invest into property or something else that will make money for itself

35% is for yourself – rent, food, day to day expenses. If you can possibly do it, reduce this percentage down and add more to you long term savings

Stick to that religiously and use the long term savings to invest in index tracking funds or buying property that you can rent out and at the end of your working career you should be very nicely set up to never need to work another day in your life. 


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