July 21, 2024

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Comparing The Female Escort To The Male Escort

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When it comes to London’s female escorts and male escorts, there are noticeable comparisons. It shows in recent escortrankings.uk that clients provide at the end of each session. In the world of the female escort, most people believe that it’s all about power and money for her. In the male escort world, society believes that he is providing a pay-for-play service and not focused on power. So, the male escort tends to get the benefit of the doubt over the female escort.

The Male and Female Factor

Why do clients buy sex from escorts instead of relying on free sex games; whether male or female? The reasons will vary; depending on the client’s needs. However, it is not all about the sexual aspect for many. And so, some female escorts might engage in a session with a client who just wants companionship and a little foreplay to feel needed and desired. From the male escort’s perspective, women engage with him for sex. Many of them are in boring relationships where they no longer feel sexually desired. Many of these women look for male escorts who are much younger than their related partners at home.

The Career Woman

Many career women have come to that point in their lives where the family unit has declined and the money and career is no longer satisfying. The option outside of the male escort is having a casual affair, but that can become quite complicated. And so, hiring the services of a male escort is the ideal way to maintain anonymity and privacy while experimenting sexually and exploring their longing to fulfill a sexual fantasy or two without being judged.

Advance of Technology

Technology and the Internet has transformed the escort industry; creating a stark availability and visibility of the male escort. It also allows him to be discrete. In the past, though, things were different when sex workers on a whole had to operate on the streets, in a brothel or massage parlor. These days, most of this is carried out online where agency websites are created and escorts are allowed their own web pages with quality pictures, reviews and profile description. A client can scout the website and make a pick from the thousands of available escorts. This is true for both male and female escorts. When the client has made a choice, then there is the reservation and scheduling where they meet up and have a session.

The Industry

For a long time, the escort industry was consumed by female escorts, but there are signs that this is changing as the industry welcomes transvestites, cross dressers, transgenders, transsexuals and gay males. The female gender stereotype will always be there as this group is always dominant. The roles are generally going to be the same between both male and female with their clients. Now, let’s take a look at some of the differences.

The Differences

In most countries including the United Kingdom, the female escort is hired and paid by the hour. However, male escorts demand at least a two hour session and in some case, they will demand a twenty four hour fee. If a female escort provides the client with extra services such as a massage, kissing, a blow job and role playing, for example. However, the male client does most of those things at no additional cost. There is one simple reason for this. The male escort assumes that their client wants to have a date, friendship and companionship and not just sex. So, they will charge the client one fee for everything.

The Honest Truth

In real honesty, some female escorts encounter clients who want nothing else, but companionship and not to whet their sexual appetite. And, the myth as it relates to the male escort is that the female client wants only emotional fuelilng. That is usually not the case in most examples. The male escort keeps it tuned into sex because that is what most of his female clients require; even when they also want to quench their emotional thirst.

The Popular Culture

In the popular culture, female escorts are portrayed in a different light than the male escort. Society as a whole may believe that the female escort is a victim who sells her body because she has been previously abused and now is promiscuous and wants to try out the escort world. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Male escorts are not placed into such category. They are mostly viewed as studs that are outfitted to handle a sex craved and sex thirsty female client. And so, the female client does not hesitate to pay to play with her stud. In other words, the male escort is there to play and deliver the desired results to the client in exchange for money and sex has to be involved. In the female escort’s case, sex is not always involved, but it is the same play to play; even though, it is not described as such. It is described in the escort world as a money exchange.

The Hookup

For the male escort, the hookup with the female client is considered sex dates. The Internet provides an easy way to set this up. The pay dates or male escorts do not identify as sex workers since they provide additional services without extra pay. He is able to fulfill his client’s fantasies in more ways than one; developing a trust where the client could potential return on an ongoing basis. Most female escorts only see a client once unless she does a good job and becomes a favorite.

The Visibility

The female escorts take a more visible approach as they have some sense of acceptance in society. However, the Male Escorts tend to stay incognito because they do not have this kind of privilege. In the grand scheme of things, some female clients hire male escorts so they can have sex on demand and not experience any complications. The male clients hire female clients for someone to talk to and then sex. Therefore, the primary focus is different between what the male and female escorts offer to their clients.

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