May 25, 2024

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The Drive To Look Good

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The Drive To Look Good

By contrast, for women, once you have ruled feeling good about themselves, making a good first impression and wanting to set a good example and be a good role model, the reasons for wanting to look good are differet than for men. The fourth and fifth (well fourth equally really, at forty per cent each) motivating factors for looking good as far as women are concerned are rather different. And, interestingly, more self or internally focused. The fourth motivating reason for wanting to look good for women is the wish to express their individuality and project their personality. And the remaining point is that feeling that they look good gives women a sense of being in control.

Oddly, these reasons – expressing individuality and personality so as to stand out, and gaing a sense of control – are even more important for a girl who escorts Malaga visitors for a living than they are for “civilian” or “amateur” women. Professional high class call girls base their professional standing, financial well being and financial futures for them and their family on a single issue. Does the way that they look make people want to pay to have sex with them? If it does, they are in with a chance of success. If not, they are not. So knowing that you look good and stand out gives them a stronf sense of control. Which boosts their confidence, which boosts their sex appeal. Which boosts their bank balance. Which boosts their requources available to spend on looking good.

Not surprisingly, people under thirty years of age are more focused on making a good impression on people they meet for the first time, and making a good impression on people of the opposite sex or those that they find attactive. In this age group, those reasons rank second and third as the reasons for wanting to look their best. Biology and the reproductive drive will, after all, out.

For those aged thirty and above, setting a good example for their children is cosistent across all age groups as the second most cited motivational factor. And when it comes to those over fifty year of age and over, pleasing their spouse makes an appearance as their thirs most popular major mativational reason. Which again makes sense. If they have kids, they will have flown. And whether or not you have children, your spouse is now probaby the most important person in your life – after yourself – and keeping them happy and aroud is important as attracting another spouse is hard work and a rsiky venture (cynic, moi?).


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