April 14, 2024

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Military Truisms In The Sex Business

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At first glance, there seems to be little overlap between the sex industry and the military. Or between whores and warriors. Well, they are the two oldest professions for a start. And they also tend to thrive in war zones – well in the rear lines behind the war zone in the case of sex workers. But there are some other things that they have directly in common.

Am I saying that running an escort agency is the same as running an army? Well, yes. Except that instead of avoiding the pointy things you are trying to avoid them, working with girls that escort Las Palmas clients is a lot like working with a group of young recruits. They may have youth, fitness and natural talent on their side, but they need a lot of work to become the finished article. And, on the whole, most of the escort girls and escort agency receptionists are not going to get an invitation letter from MENSA. But they still have to do a difficult and dangerous job well, and under pressure. Here are some more parallels.

Try to look unimportant; the enemy may be low on ammo and not want to waste a bullet on you. In other words, keep a low profile and hide in plain sight.

The enemy diversion you’re ignoring is their main attack. If you see business cards everywhere, assume that the same people are going after your introducers instead of pushing their web site.

The enemy invariably attacks on two occasions: When they’re ready or when you’re not. So you may as well stay ready and have a clear set of what the military that trained me called Actions On or When / Then.

No plan ever survives initial contact. This is a lot like the Mike Tyson quote. “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”.

There is no such thing as a perfect plan. Just perfect execution. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Make sure your exit route is clear.

There is no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole. Or on the phone at four in the morning when talking to a client and an escort girl, both of whom are drunk and / or stoned and not getting on very well.

A retreating enemy is probably just falling back and regrouping.


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