May 25, 2024

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Do Happily Married Men See Escorts?

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Do happily married men see escorts? That is not as straight-foward a question to answer as you would think. Well, OK the question is simple and straightforward but the answers I can give might be a lot less so. Basically, it depends. Some of the guys who contact escort agencies to book time with an escort (or escorts, greedy boys!) just want a little fun on the side. It is driven by the apparently genetic male drive for strange, different and, often, younger pussy. Obviously in those cases it is very unlikely that their significant other back at home would be pleased by their extra curricular activities. But those are the men who, overall, seem pretty happy with their lots in life. They just use escorts to get some extra and strange sex.

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In other cases, the married men that call escort agencies and book time with escort girls just are not getting the sexual thrills and excitement that they need from the women who are in their lives on a regular basis. So they seek to rent those thrills and excitement instead. That might be because they need a special kind of sex such as a kink or fetish, and a Barcelona escort is the only way for them to get it. Or it could just be that the sex at home – if and when it happens – is just too boring and mundane. These guys are basically OK. They do not want to upset their wives or to leave their wives or girl friends. They are basically comfortable in their kind of sort of happy married lives. Maybe they even love their partners, they just do not find the sex sufficiently exciting, sufficiently satisfying or sufficiently frequent.

The saddest male clients who book time with professional escort girls through escort agencies? That is a relatively easy answer. Thise are the men whose marriages are not happy by any definition, but are just duties that they feel obliged to fulfill. They are the ones who have totally dead marriages. The men who find themselves in marriages or relationships with no affection, no sex, not touching, no kindness, no compliments, no kind words. Those men are not in happy marriages but they are too lazy or scared to end it and get out of it. It is hard not to pity men in thise kinds of situations. And it is impossible to blame them for seeking sex or affection somewhere else.


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